Finishing off the BN system


As witnessed at the recently concluded Pakatan Harapan Convention, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad has been unanimously agreed upon among all the PH parties to be our Prime Minister designate to take on the current Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and the Barisan Nasional in the fast approaching 14th Malaysian General Elections which is expected to be held in the coming months. Intense debate has followed among Malaysians who are all forming different opinions of the announcement. One thing is certain though, the candidacy of Dr. Mahathir has struck fear into the hearts of the BN leaders who are extremely worried about losing their positions of power that they have invested so much financially to obtain,

Let us look at the bigger picture and explore what is at stake in this coming GE. On one hand we have the BN that has been in power uninterruptedly for the past 61 years. This means the ruling coalition has never tasted defeat in a GE and has never had to be in the opposition. Those many years of uninterrupted rule has made the BN very established in the government and most Malaysians today have never seen neither have they experienced a Malaysia without the BN in power. This has made BN so comfortable in power that every single level of the individual parties of the BN are now only functioning because the BN is in power. BN leaders who seek higher positions or office now have to climb the ladder in the only established way: money!

One way of determining how endemic the money culture is within the BN is to simply talk to your friends. If you tell them that you are volunteering in the coming elections for any opposition party, they will probably be fine with it. Tell them that you are volunteering for the BN and they will probably laugh at your face and ask you why aren’t you getting paid for your time? You see, in other countries, any political party that is seeking a mandate from their electorate would have to raise money for their individual campaigns but here, the BN never seem to have to raise any money at all. They have never held a fundraiser neither have they ever set up a websites asking for donations for any of their election campaign. Instead, they offer free food and money to their election workers every time they go into an election. If they never have to raise funds for their campaigns then where are they getting their money from?

The money culture has infected the BN from the very top to the very bottom. Their non-stop reign as the rulers of Malaysia has made them unable to shake money politics out of their system as divisions and branches insist on getting paid for support of any leaders to climb the ladder or for them to remain as party leaders. Any BN leader who seek to reform the BN will be forced to make a choice between reform or losing power. Divisional leaders hold their top leaders ransom in exchange for financial rewards. A BN leader who is in power at the governmental level will then have to find the funds from within the government in order to pay their “downlines” in twisted form of multi-level marketing. Unfair monopolies and super ridiculously priced contracts will then have to be created for money to be channeled out of the government and into the party’s “downlines”.

As BN leaders and grassroot members make themselves rich over their milking of the country’s resources, the country suffers on the overall as the culture has become unbreakable for as long as the BN remains in power. No BN leader today is willing to risk his or her political careers in order to try to break the culture and reform their parties. As far as their wealth is concerned, its “better me rich than jobless”. Thus the BN is unable to reform itself and is now suffering from an internal disease that is eating them from the inside but with their grip on power acting as a steel armour, no one has been able to even put them out of their miseries.

This is why we now have to stay focused and once and for all put the BN out of their misery by breaking their armour of power. Only then will their disease be removed from the government and the country can once again heal. The talk of reform within the BN is over. The BN is beyond saving for as long as they are in power. The system within the BN is too well established after 61 years of uninterrupted power. Their armour of power is stuck with the BN that it has come to a point that BN and power are one and the same.

This elections is no longer about personalities or politicians, it is about destroying the system that is destroying Malaysia. It is about destroying a BN system that will be fighting tooth and nail with every ounce of their governmental powers to stop us from saving the country. Every single party of the BN is suffering from the money plague and as long as they stay in power, it is a matter of time before every single Malaysian gets infected with poverty plague that follows it.

The PM has no intentions of reform, rather the comforts of power will make him use any means necessary to win the next elections. We the rakyat, will have to pay his bills as well as the bills of every BN leader as a result.

Let us put our differences of opinions aside and stay focused! Bring down the BN system and put them all out of their misery!

Chris Lee Chun Kit is a City Councillor at the City Council of Penang Island (MBPP) representing the DAP

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