Gerakan should just stop wasting everyone’s time!

This is a response to the press conference held by Parti Gerakan Rakyat led by their Acting State Youth Chief Jason Loo published by NST on 1/2/18 :

I read with amusement and bewilderment on Gerakan’s Jason Loo’s demands towards the Penang State Government published in the New Straits Times entitled “Gerakan demands Penang government makes public feasibility, EIA report for paired roads project”. It is clear Gerakan as whole is confused about what they are attacking and is now clearly attacking for the sake of scoring political brownie points. Gerakan is all out trying to confuse the public on whether the project will affect forest reserves.

First of all, our environmental record speaks for itself. Penang is the only state in Malaysia that has not lost a single square inch of forest reserve. If Gerakan is interested so much in forest reserves, he should attack Barisan Nasional states where the plundering of forest reserves for personal gain of BN leaders have been ongoing yet mysteriously absent from many of the BN controlled media’s coverage.

Also if any of part of our forest reserve is illegally or accidentally affected by any project for any reason, as a responsible government, we are prepared to quickly mitigate and return the affected area to normal. We are prepared to defend our forest reserve all the way but the same cannot be said for Gerakan as they are part of the BN coalition that has allowed the destruction of forest reserves in many states which they are in power. Gerakan is clearly being hypocritical in their attacks.

Gerakan is also making demands on the EIA which in the same article published by NST themselves ( mentions that it has been approved by the Department of Environment on November 7th last year (2017). Last I checked, the DOE was a federal department under the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment which the Penang State Government has no control of. If the DOE has approved and Gerakan is questioning the approval process, then Gerakan should do a press conference and call out the DOE, I am sure they can get the answers they want since they are part of the federal government as well.

So to Gerakan, please check your facts before going public about something. Even as an opposition party in Penang, Gerakan is still part of the coalition that forms the federal government and should have access to the DOE if they want. Unless, they are confirming the suspicions of most Malaysians that Gerakan has no say nor access in the UMNO dominated Barisan Nasional government. Gerakan had once provided Penang a Chief Minister for 39 years and is now reduced to nitpicking non-existent issues, pushing fake news and creating boogeymen of pure fantasies. What a shameful evolution Gerakan has been through.

Chris Lee Chun Kit

MBPP Councillor (DAP)

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