BN’s Gerakan seems to be confused


Press Statement by Chris Lee Chun Kit (MBPP Councillor / DAP) on the Gerakan’s so-called “revelations” on the Penang Undersea Tunnel – 5/2/18 in George Town, Penang
Gerakan is trying to score political points with the election coming by creating an issue which has nothing to do with the Penang State Government. Instead of going for facts, Gerakan is now twisting facts and presenting doubts in an attempt to spread gossip and hopefully change the negative perception that surrounds them.
If Gerakan thinks that a company had promoted condominiums before the proper approvals were given, then they should bring the issue up with the company that is doing the promotion or even the consumers’ association for their disagreements with their business ethics. Even the article states that:
In response, an official of the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association said developers were allowed to create an early market awareness of their projects.

“But they must first obtain an advertising permit and developer’s licence (APDL) for each specific resi­dential project from the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry before selling properties under construction,” he said.

The official, who declined to be named, said agents could collect expressions of interests from prospects and inform the public about their property plans.

“Until the project has obtained an APDL, they cannot advertise or sell the units,” he said”


Therefore, perhaps Gerakan should first check with the Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Ministry for further clarifications on what is and what is not allowed. It seems that Gerakan has once again contradicted with the BN federal government which they are a part of. I am beginning to wonder if they actually remember that they are a part of the BN which is currently still the ruling coalition on the federal level.
The Penang State Government will just follow the proper procedures on approval and will not give approvals until their requirements are fulfilled. If Gerakan thinks the company jumped the gun and started to promote before the governmental approvals are given, then it is between Gerakan and the company, the government has nothing to do with it so stop wasting time trying to turn this into a political issue.
However, Gerakan is desperate for issues and almost anything seems to be an issue now. Maybe next time they will blame the 1MDB scandal on the Penang State Government also.
Gerakan should instead be pressuring the BN federal government to fulfill their responsibilities in infrastructure and other facilities. Penangites are one of the highest payers of income tax in the country but is allocated less than 1% of the federal budget. Gerakan could not even demand more for Penang when they were in government in Penang.


Chris Lee Chun Kit
MBPP Councillor (DAP)

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